Meet the 2022 Club Member of the Year for Southlake Women's Club.

Veronica Darnell

Veronica Darnell has been an active member of SWC since moving to Southlake in 2014. She has served the club in many roles over the years including volunteering at Art in the Square and Valentine luncheons, as well as serving on the SWC board as Membership VP & Programs VP and the past year as President.

Veronica has worked to maintain and improve upon the high standards and integrity of SWC.  She has incredible vision and a very engaging, proactive leadership style. She is a unique and inspiring example to all. She has touched each member of the Club with her vibrant personality, commitment and focus on continuous improvement of the Club and promoting community outreach and service to others.

Veronica is involved in other local organizations as well and her contributions to the community are immeasurable. Mentorship has always been incredibly important to her and she embraces each opportunity to share her knowledge and thoughts with others.  Her willingness to volunteer her time and talents is endless.  She always embraces each opportunity to serve with enthusiasm and her welcoming smile. She is a wonderful example of what each of us as members of SWC can aspire to be.

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