Meet the Shining Star of Southlake Women's Club.

Nicola Mediterraneo

Nicola not only lead the Southlake Women’s Club our President last year, but has given her time in so many other ways.

Nicola has been a member since September of 2003. Thanks to Terri Messing, Nicola got involved in Set up and Take Down for Art in the Square her first year. After that, she she ran Kids Korner for Art in the Square for three years from 2004 to 2007.

In for a penny and in for a pound, she also helped with signs and Set-up and Take Down during those years.

In 2007, she held the position of first Vice President Programs and the following year chaired Membership. For the past four years she has held the position of Third Vice President School Supplies and co-chaired it with Jennifer Green for the 2019/2020 year our most successful yet.

Nicola has also chaired the VIP party for Art in the Square the previous two years as well as serving on the Signs committee. This year she was voted as President of Southlake Women’s Club and has enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately cut short due to Covid 19 – she is looking forward to volunteering more of her time to the club.

When asked what her favorite pat of SWC was she said, “I really have to say that it has been being able to meet so many wonderful people while giving back and my heart feels good for all that SWC does.” She also wants to thank her current board for supporting her and doing a fantastic job!

Congratulations, Nicola! We thank you for your contribution to the Southlake Women’s Club and our community.

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