Member of the Year



Congratulations to Kris Nelson, our 2016 Club Member of the Year!

Kris is originally a West Coast girl, growing up in Oregon and settling in Southern California. She met the love of her life, Bob, 29 years ago on a blind date, and they recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. They have a daughter, Brett, who graduated from Ole Miss last year, and their son, Garrett, will be starting his sophomore year at Carroll in just a few weeks.

Kris is passionate about her family and her friends, and she is passionate about SWC and Art in the Square. Joining the club in 2008, she became involved with the Entertainment Committee for Art in the Square, and after four years in that role, she stepped up to serve as Chair of the entire event. As if taking on what is essentially a full-time job for a single year wasn’t enough, she signed on again…and again…and again! Yes, Kris has just completed her 3rd year of chairing and has agreed to do it for a 4th year in 2017! In the time she has been at the helm, SWC has seen Art in the Square flourish and win numerous accolades that now rank the festival among the best of the best in the country. She has thoroughly enjoyed modernizing the atmosphere and theme of the event, as well as working with so many women who give freely of their time and talents.

Kris’ involvement in SWC extends beyond her work with Art in the Square, of course. Last year, she also joined the Community Outreach Committee and helped turn unfurnished apartments into inviting, decorated homes for deserving families. She’s great with a hammer and isn’t afraid to use tools! Kris also currently participates in Southlake’s SASO (Scholars and Athletes Serving Others) organization alongside her son, and in the past she has been active at her children’s schools and extracurricular activities, including cheer, choir, and baseball.

SWC is lucky to have members like Kris Nelson, and we are happy that she represented us at the Shining Star luncheon held this fall. Congratulations, Kris!



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