Member of the Year

Josie Spence

2023 Member of the Year Josie Spence is the perfect embodiment of what it means to be a SLWC member. She leads, inspires, charges ahead going above and beyond what is required because she knows the needs are that great through community support, active service, and charitable contributions. Josie has been an exceptional member of SLWC for many, many years and has set the bar high in impact and outreach with the many recipients SWC is involved with. She works diligently on all the Community Outreach projects and has taken this program to an elevated level. As the liaison between SWC and the many recipients in need She commits a significant amount of time to volunteer in our community events including and orchestrating the beloved Southlake Senior Valentine’s Luncheon directing her committee and countless hours at AITS. She radiates an enthusiastic heart of selfless service!

Josie Spence 2023

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Nomination Guidelines

Our Member of the Year represents the Southlake Women’s Club as an outstanding club member in her participation and work with the organization.

Nominees must be SWC members for at least two years, with current membership in good standing.

Members may not be selected as Club Member of the Year more than once. Any women nominated who have won the award previously will be ineligible. Please refer to the list of all past winners on our website. Thank you!