The Southlake Women’s Club offers three levels of membership. Click on any of the categories below for more information.
  1. Active
    • As an Active member, you will be notified of upcoming meetings and social events.
    • You must reside in Southlake or a neighboring community.
    • Annual dues are $75 for the year (September through May), due no later than the September meeting.

    Active members are required to:

    • Miss no more than 3 general membership meetings per year
    • Work a shift at the annual School Supply sale (in August)
    • Work at least 2 3-hour shifts at the annual Art in the Square event (in April)
    • Actively participate as either an officer or a committee member each year
  2. Corporate
    • Corporate members are not required to attend meetings, participate in any projects, or join a committee but will receive notices for social events. However, by accepting a board position, the Corporate member agrees to fulfill all of the responsibilities of an Active member.
    • Corporate members shall follow all club rules, bylaws, and general procedures.
    • Dues are $150 per year. The number of Corporate members shall be determined at the discretion of the board.
    • Corporate members do not need to reside in the area but should serve or work in the Southlake community.
  3. Sustaining
      • To reach Sustaining status, a member must have completed 5 years as an Active member of the Southlake Women’s Club.
      • If you are interested in applying for a Sustaining membership, please contact the board prior to June 1st of any given calendar year.