Do I have to have a username and password?

Not really. When you go to purchase anything on the website—whether it’s a ticket to an event, your membership dues, or a t-shirt or apron—you will be prompted to either login to the site OR add a password to create your account.

But wait—do I still need an account?

Not really. This account is NOT necessary to view anything on the site. It’s only for the sake of tracking your purchases.

So when would I want to login?

You’ll only need to login to the site when you’re completing a purchase. But logging in is super easy now! You have a couple of choices:

  • You can opt to login using your Facebook account (so you’ll never need to remember another username/password). Just click the “Login/Register with Social Media” button & you’re done!
  • If you don’t have Facebook… just forget about it! You can create your site account by adding a password when you check out with your purchases. The site will store it and create your account automatically.

But then don’t I have to remember a password?

No. If you forget the password, just click “lost my password” next time and create a new one with your email address. But you do NOT need it in order to RSVP for any free events, and you do NOT need it to view the member directory.

I still have lots of questions.

That’s fine! We are here to answer them. We’ll also be presenting some cool tips & tricks to our members at various events. This new site is designed to be the easiest one yet! We hope you like it!