We are thrilled to present your nominees for 2022 Southlake Women’s Club Member of the Year!

Only paid, current members may vote. We will verify by name and email address requested below, but rest assured that all responses are confidential. Please vote only once. The deadline is Tuesday, May 10th.

Veronica Darnell

Veronica Darnell joined SWC in 2014. She has been involved with the club from the beginning and currently serves as President.  She has served on the SWC board for the past three years.  Prior to becoming president, she served as VP of Programs and VP of Membership.  Here are some of the comments from Veronica’s Club Member of the Year nominations:

  • President of SWC Veronica leads by example very involved with philanthropy within the club and in the community. She is very welcoming and inclusive to all members of the club.
  • Veronica has taken the Southlake Women’s Club to a whole new level. She has worked tirelessly to promote the club. She is always so welcoming to new members and helped make everyone feel like they are important. Her leadership has been instrumental in helping to increase the membership of the club.
  • She has put her heart and soul into this organization for the last two years.  Under her leadership and guidance, we have grown to over 170 members, with new members joining every month.

Stephanie Hodges

Stephanie Hodges joined SWC in 2017.  She has served on the SWC board for the past 3 years and is currently Social Media chair and previously served as Secretary.  She is also on the Art in the Square board as Signs committee chair.  Here are excerpts of the comments from Stephanie’s Club Member of the Year nominations:

  • Stephanie doesn’t wait to be asked, she seeks out ways to help and follows through on her commitments. She serves as an Art in the Square board member, is the current SWC Social Media chair and served on the scholarship committee.
  • Stephanie is tireless, fearless, and truly exemplifies what it means to be a member of SWC. She’s been very involved not only on the SWC board but also on the Art in the Square board. You can count on her no matter what.
  • Stephanie does so much for SWC and Art in the Square. She takes care of all our signage needs and works tirelessly. She also serves on the scholarship committee and does SWC Social Media. She is a true inspiration as a member of SWC.

Josie Spence

Josie Spence joined SWC in 2012.  She has served on the SWC board for past two years as VP of Community Outreach where she can fulfill her true passion for helping others.  Josie plans to continue her roll on the board next year.  Here are some of the comments from Josie’s Club Member of the Year nominations:

  • Josie always gives 110% and is calling members if she sees that they need help. She is always looking around at those in need or our community’s needs.  This encompasses the true spirit of Southlake Women’s Club.
  • Always ready to help. Donates a lot of her time.
  • Josie has an incredible heart and will to serve so many Communities. Especially the ones that are very underserved. She works tirelessly doing the grunt work and the hard work and the emotional work with the benefactors and spends countless time in the car driving around to drop off and collect much needed items. She does more than just show up to socials or luncheons. She does true philanthropy work.  Josie deserves this and so much more!