17 Nov 2015
November 17, 2015

Member of the Month: Regina Cavallin

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regina-novThis month, I’m especially excited to announce our Member of the Month, because she’s someone who has flown under the radar for quite some time in our organization—all the while doing tremendous work. Normally, we introduce our honorees pretty briefly, but I’ve done some due diligence to get you some good information about her, because many of us probably don’t know her too well.

Before I tell you what she’s done for us, most specifically in the past month, let me tell you a little about her past. This member is originally from Costa Rica but immigrated to the United States as young adult and married here. Her daughter describes her as an entrepreneur. Here’s what she wrote me: “When my parents moved to their first house, they didn’t have money for draperies, so my mom decided to make her own. The neighbors liked what they saw, and soon she was making draperies for her neighbors for free! She decided to learn about the business by working in a drapery workshop, and then she opened her own drapery business, which she ran for over 15 years. After retiring from the custom drapery business, she transformed her home as a residence for international students, often having 7 to 10 students living with them at one time.  She ran this business for over 10 years.”

Over the past year, our Member of the Month helped tirelessly with the membership committee at the luncheons, just to lend a hand to her daughter. This year, she joined as a new member. She still helps check in our members every month at the registration table out front, so you’ve probably seen her at work. And, if you attended our New Member luncheon, you might have enjoyed the fruits of her labor: maybe a bite to eat, or one of her fabulous mimosas. And if you don’t catch her at one of our meetings, her daughter—our current Membership Chair MaryAnn Jones—says you might find her designing or creating jewelry.

I am extremely proud to introduce November’s Member of the Month: Regina Cavallin.

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