Advertising on the Southlake Women’s Club web site is a great way to promote your business or group while giving back to our organization. Advertising income is used for club support, which helps us offset luncheon and program expenses, along with meeting other club expenditure requirements.

We’re pleased to offer NEW advertising packages that are tailored to provide greater exposure and exclusivity to our supporters.


  • Ads are displayed online on the right-hand sidebar of most SWC web site pages.
  • Ads run for a total of 12 months from date of first appearance online. Ads will not be placed until payment has been received.
  • Ads are now purchased to appear on specific pages and will be the ONLY ads featured on those pages. Higher traffic pages tend to cost more and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Our Web site generates substantial traffic, particularly in key months related to Art in the Square and the School Supply Sale. With our new Web site platform, we will be able to provide specific Google Analytics data upon request to detail more exact numbers. On average, the SWC site receives between 25,000-40,000 hits per year. Detailed page analytics are available upon request.
  • Ads are also displayed in the SWC’s monthly e-Newsletter, which is sent in 2 versions: one that goes to members only, and one that goes to prospective members. The total distribution audience is approximately 500 active contacts, with an average open rate of 65% or higher.
  • For an additional charge of $25 per ad, we will create your ad(s) for you using information you provide.
  • Ads that we do not create must be sent at the following specs:
      • 240×240 pixels
      • Between 72-100 dpi
      • RGB color
      • Format:.jpg, .gif, or .png

SWCadsSo much of what the Southlake Women’s Club is able to accomplish for our community is due to the overwhelming support of many local businesses and professionals. We’d like to express gratitude to our advertisers and ask that our members and the community at large help patronize these establishments or organizations whenever possible.

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